28 August, 2023

- Govt orders action to inspect mining companies, prepare for Visit Laos Year 2024
The Lao government has ordered an inspection of mining companies that signed concession agreements with the government, and those which have failed to execute projects will have their agreements revoked. ..More>>>

- PM lauds private sector’s support for resolution of economic woes
The Prime Minister has praised the private sector’s support for the government’s agenda on addressing the country’s continuing economic and financial difficulties.Despite the great challenges facing all sectors, private enterprises have shown their support through their contributions of knowledge and financing, he said. ..More>>>

- Lao, Chinese businesses seek more benefit from railway
Leading Lao and Chinese business operators are mulling ways to strengthen business partnerships to better tap the potential offered by the Laos-China railway and closer regional economic integration. Business leaders from the two countries met in Vientiane on Friday to discuss the possibility of joint investment projects along the railway, especially in relation to logistics, agriculture, tourism and industry...More>>>

- Lao school triumphs again, this time in UK
Once again, the students of the International School of Laos have captivated the world stage, solidifying their reputation as exceptional academic achievers. In a remarkable feat at the IMEC Mathematics Competition 2023, hosted at the prestigious Harrow School in the United Kingdom, the students proudly secured 1 bronze and 2 silver medals...More>>>

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- Garment industry continues to face labour shortage
A representative of Mascot International A/S told the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Mrs  Baykham Khattiya, when she visited the company in Vientiane last week that the firm needs more than 2,000 Lao workers this year. ...More>>>

Ministry initiates study on scheme to improve forest management
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is partnering with a Lao company in a feasibility study in relation to the project to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+)​....More>>>

- Workers leaving Laos in droves in search of higher wages
More and more people are leaving Laos for jobs in other countries, with Thailand being the most popular choice because of its proximity and ease of communication due to the similarities in language. ..More>>>

- EU extends support for stronger product value chains
The European Union (EU) will support the development of value chains for products such as coffee, tea and forest-based products, to create job opportunities and help earn more revenue for the Lao government. .More>>>

- Lao CSOs help Covid-impacted families in ten provinces
The 22 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) closed the three-year, European Union-funded Covid response project. The ‘Civil Society Action to Prevent and Mitigate Covid-19’ (CiSAC) project responded to the Covid-19 pandemic with 1,150 prevention and livelihood recovery activities. .More>>>

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Further price rises predicted this year Vientiane authorities predict that the current trend in price increases will continue at least until the end of this year and that prices....More>>>

Miss Laos Project to be unveiled in new format
Mr Khompanya Phengvinaiya, Miss Laos President and Director of Khompanya Entertainment and event organiser, ...More >>>

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“Temple of the Sun”, a haven for peace seekers, exercise spot for health lovers in Beijing 
Beijing, China: Surrounded by vertical forests of concrete buildings in the ...More >>>

Myanmar faces rising inflation rate due to the increase in exchange rates: CBM vice governor
(Eleven/ANN) -- Inflation rates in Myanmar are increasing at a reasonable rate...More >>>


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What should be done to ensure food security?
Most people in Laos grow crops of various kinds, but farming methods are basic and yields are relatively small, meaning ....More >>>

Winners celebrate medal success in BeerLao badminton championship
Winners in the various categories of the 22nd BeerLao Badminton Championship 2023 received medals ..More >>>

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Phou Khao Khouay, a must-see national park 
With its stunning natural beauty, dense woodland, cascading waterfalls, ....More>>>



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