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February 10, 2016

Japanese experts discuss integrated river development


1. That Luang Marsh Specific Economic Zone will open restaurants, a shopping centre and night market in May.

1. That Luang Marsh SEZ condos have wide appeal
A majority of people buying condo apartments at That Luang Marsh Specific Economic Zone (SEZ) in Vientiane are Lao or of Lao origin living in France, officials in charge of the project have said. . . More >>>

2. Cold weather losses to farmers estimated at 25 billion kip
The unusual cold snap which hit Laos recently over the period from January 23-30 has now been calculated by agriculture and forestry officials to have cost the nation's farmers some 25.1 billion kip. . . More >>>

3. Vientiane warns against unauthorised construction over roadsides
Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department publicly announced yesterday that any home or business in the capital should not undertake construction over public areas, particularly along roadsides. . . More >>>

Japanese experts discuss integrated river development
Visiting Japanese experts have shared Japan's good practices in relation to integrated river development as well as discussed current issues on the comprehensive development and management of dams in Laos
. . . More >>>

Switzerland supports local cultural diversity
The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) will continue to provide funding worth US$250,000 annually to promote “Lao Culture for Lao people” after completing the first phase of support. . . More >>>

6. Steel truss bridge structure unfamiliar to residents
Some local residents watching the Nasak-Khokkhaodor Bridge being built across the Mekong River to link the provinces of Xayaboury and Vientiane are questioning what kind of loads it will be able to carry. . . More >>>


February 10 , 2016
Education programme to assist schoolchildren in need
A new education programme is set to improve the quality and accessibility of basic education for hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren in Laos. . More >>>
Vietnam providing scholarships for Lao civil servants
The Vietnamese government has agreed to provide master's degree and PhD programme scholarships for Lao civil servants to pursue their studies in Vietnam in 2016-2017. . More >>>
Renewable energy workshop talks up research and investment
Renewable energy experts from Lao and Korean have met in Vientiane to discuss, research, public-private partnerships and investment projects using the technology in Laos. . More >>>
Japanese Ambassador decorates Lao official
The Japanese Embassy has issued a special decoration to a Lao official in recognition of his significant contribution to the enhancement and promotion of economic relations and mutual understanding between Japan and Laos. . More >>>

February 9 , 2016
- New project to develop agriculture in Laos
Representatives of various stakeholder organisations are currently taking part in a two day workshop in Vientiane to discuss the ‘Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems' (CDAIS) project, which seeks to promote commercial projection in agriculture. . More >>>
Interplast to continue surgery and training support
The Interplast team from Australia and New Zealand with support of the Spellbrook Foundation and Rotary Club will continue to carry out plastic and reconstructive surgery and training in burns management and treatment. . More >>>
Speed, drink driving cause of most accidents
The number of road accidents is continuing to increase with many people being needlessly killed nationwide because of drink driving and high speed. . More >>>
Non-communicable diseases still increasing in Laos
Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are still increasing in Laos, especially amongst people who lacked knowledge about a healthy diet and had disposable income necessary to consume large amounts of meat and sugary foods. . More >>>

February 8 , 2016
- Child Fund positively impacting children's future
The ‘Safeguarding children through Participation in School Life' (SCPS) project has been launched in Vientiane primary schools in the target districts of Sikhottabong, Xaysettha and Chanthabouly. More >>>
- Laos to enhance regulations for WTO framework
Laos now appreciated the rapid economic development and businesses growth over recent years since the country became a member of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), according to an official.More >>>
- Almost 30 killed in Vientiane road accidents in January
Almost 30 people were killed in Vientiane road accidents in January and many more people sustained injuries while damages were reported at over 1,600 million kip. More >>>
- Government helping people suffering from cold snap
The government is assisting people affected by the cold snap that hit the country's northern provinces in recent weeks. More >>>

February 5 , 2016
- Lao teachers learn new skills at TESOL conference
After finishing the 13th annual Lao Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language (Lao TESOL) Conference from February 4-5, Lao English teachers are now seeking to teach new methods and skills to upgrade their students' knowledge. More >>>
- Some public parks being neglected by visitors
Some public parks in Vientiane are failing to attract visitors because there is a lack of convenient car parking and also a dearth of interesting activities for visitors. More >>>
- Officials review community radio programme
Information senior officials, and provincial Information, Culture and Tourism department and development partner representatives gathered yesterday to go over the key results, challenges and lessons learned from last year's Implementation of Community Participation and Communication Support Programme (CPCSP). More >>>
- Intellectual property officials prepare forAsean IPA conference
Department of Intellectual Property officials are preparing to attend the Asean Intellectual Property Association (Asean IPA) conference from March 4-6 in Malaysia to exchange knowledge in the field with regional contemporaries. More >>>

February 4 , 2016
- Luxembourg continues supporting infectious disease research
The Government of Luxembourg had decided to continue supporting the project ‘Research and Infectious Disease Surveillance in Laos,' aiming to provide better health outcomes in the country. More >>>
- Vientiane receives water quality improvement support
Vientiane Natural Resources and Environment Department has recently received equipment and technical support worth more than 60 million yen (over 4 billion kip) from the Japanese government for urban water quality improvement. More >>>
- Hom Road project facing ongoing financial problems
The Ban Hom Road construction project in Vientiane has ground to a halt again with the construction company now in serious financial difficulty. More >>>
- Drug users increase at Somsanga Rehab Centre
The number of drug users in treatment at the Somsanga Drug Treatment and Vocational Training Centre in Vientiane is continuing to increase with young people the worst affected. More >>>

February 3 , 2016
- New Zealand Asean Scholar Awards open
The New Zealand Ambassador-designate to Lao PDR, Mr Ben King officially announced the opening of the New Zealand-Asean Scholar Awards (NZAS) 2016 Selection Round on Monday. . More >>>
- Hadxaifong police searching for stolen Buddha image
Vientiane police and authorities in Hadxaifong district are searching for an old sacred Buddha image stolen from Vat Par temple of Nalong village, Hadxaifong district. . More >>>
- Woman injured as old building collapses
An old building, which partially collapsed on Monday in Vientiane, injured an American lady who was now recovering, an official has said.
. More >>>
- Nation must improve coordination for disaster response
Laos must improve its cooperation and strengthen coordination for preparedness and disaster response between the government and local authorities. . More >>>


Party congress VDO series

Government officials, business sector enhance AEC essentials

- Work on Nam Ngum bridge begins
Lunar New Year
Asean discusses human rights
EU supports LEARN project in Laos
Phabath Phonsan: Temple with sacred stupa marks Buddha's history
Lao food promoted in all its colour
John Kerry's visit deepens Laos-US ties
Vientiane vows to realise resolution
of 10th Party Congress
Borikhamxay declares Vat Phabath-Phonsan a cultural heritage site
New Party Central Committee elected
Rice farmers seeking more export markets

Champassak sees investment spike in recent months
Champassak province has approved a total of eight investment projects for both domestic and foreign investors worth a combined total of some 4,500 billion kip . . . More >>>


Respected national performing artist passes away
Lao entertainment last week lost respected national performing artist Mr Khamphou Thavivan well known for his outstanding work. . . More >>>


Khaiphaen production promotes community business
Khaiphaen or dried river weed is well known to people in Luang Prabang province as a popular snack that all visitors buy as a souvenir gift for friends and relatives. . . More >>>

World news

Dengue fever cases drastically increase in North Jakarta
INDONESIA (The Jakarta Post, ANN) -- Dengue fever cases in North Jakarta have drastically increased in the first week of February and hospitals in the. . . More >>>


What are you concerned about in the national five-year socio-economic development plan?
The government recently presented the 8th national five-year socio-economic development plan for 2016-2020, which sets annual gross domestic product growth at not lower than 7.5 percent. Vientiane Times asked some members. . . More >>>


LFIL score bronze in Shanghai basketball
The basketball coach of Lycée Français International du Laos (LFIL) in Vientiane said they would use the school's recent bronze medal success in Shanghai. . . More >>>


A human's experience of treetop life
What do you imagine if you read the term Gibbon Experience? Does it mean that you get in contact a rare type of monkey or to feel yourself like one of those long-armed fellows that seem to fly almost sile ntly through the jungle? . More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Organic coffee brewing up development in Champassak
Growing organic coffee is proving a good way for local people to earn money in Champassak province and change their lives for the better as the province moves closer to reaching its poverty eradication target. . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Red marks Chinese, Vietnamese New Year
The end of January or the beginning of February will see many Chinese and Vietnamese houses, shops and restaurants decorated in red as the owners prepare to celebrate the New Year. . . . . .More >>>


What does it take to be a good teacher?
To be a good teacher, you not only need to teach children well, but you also need to learn from the children and be prepared to be foolish and playful if that will help them gain wisdom. . . . . . More >>>


Cutting mosquito population, the way to control Zika
Zika virus is threatening the lives of people around the wor ld with about 23 countries worldwide so far having reported outbreaks. . . More >>>


Artisans promote Lao silk through designer handbags
Arranging her silk bags to create a good-looking booth is one of the marketing strategies of Ms Anousone Keobounma when it comes to attracting. . . More >>>


Locals more aware of natural disasters through CBDRR project
Many years ago grandfather Khamphai considered floods as a natural and inevitable par t of life next to the river so he accepted them, but now he is more aware of the potential loss from flooding. . . . More >>>

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