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July 29, 2014

Laos, Vietnam to focus on legal documents for border management

1. Mr Odai Soudaphone ( centre ) alongside representatives from the Luxembourg Embassy to Laos and relevant government officials at the project opening ceremony.
2. Dr Yangkou Yangluesai.

1. Luxembourg aids local development in Khammuan
The government of Luxembourg has provided a grant of over 5 million euros (more than 54 billion kip) towards the improvement of livelihoods and the development of infrastructure in three targeted districts of Khammuan province. More >>>

2. LFNC outlines public complaints
Members of the public urge the National Assembly (NA) to enhance its role in regard to issues such as illegal mining, illegal logging, development discrepancies and the implementation of development plans by local administrations. More >>>

3. Civil servant recruitment unbiased, ministry confirms
The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has announced its recruitment of civil servants through competence-based examinations, which prioritises fair treatment. More >>>

4. Laos, Vietnam to focus on legal documents for border management
Laos and Vietnam have basically completed planting border markers along their borderline after the project commenced in 2008, officials announced recently. More >>>

 Chinese firm escapes after illegally mining for gold
A Chinese firm has absconded back to China after it was discovered that it had extracted gold illegally along the Mekong River in northern Bokeo province, according to a government minister. More >>>


July 29, 2014
- Lack of jobs sees a return to opium farming
Former opium users in remote areas have returned to growing the crop after a shortage of jobs. More >>>
Champassak man shot dead in Vientiane
Vientiane Police Office reported yesterday that a man from Champassak province was shot dead in Suanmone village, Sisattanak district Vientiane. More >>>
Laos, Vietnam strengthen justice cooperation
The Lao and Vietnamese justice ministries have enhanced cooperation in the justice sector. More >>>
Communicable disease control hotline launched
The Vientiane Communicable Disease Control Department of the Ministry of Health yesterday officially launched a new 166 toll free hotline to assist with information on communicable disease prevention and control. More >>>

July 28, 2014
- THPC improves villagers' livelihoods
The Theun-Hinboun Power Company (THPC) has presented new homes and community facilities to four affected villages, after more than US$14 million (over 112 billion kip) was spent on infrastructure development in the area. . More >>>
- Govt provides allowance for disadvantaged students
The government is set to provide a monthly allowance of approximately 400,000 kip to disadvantaged students studying at vocational training schools around the country. . More >>>
- Thieves target vehicles for break-ins
Thieves breaking vehicle windows to steal property inside is becoming a major problem with police currently investigating numerous incidents, according to a district official last week. . More >>>
- Rural communities better access to healthcare
Thousands of women and children in Bokeo province have been able to access improved health services. . More >>>

July 25, 2014
- Bikes impounded during road checks waiting to be claimed
The Vientiane Traffic Police have issued an announcement calling for motorcycle owners whose bikes have been lost, stolen or confiscated by the police to claim them back within three months from now. More >>>
- Laos presents friendship medal to NHK Japan TV
The Lao government presented the Friendship Order to television network NHK of Japan in Vientiane on Monday at Lao National Television. More >>>
- Crucial evidence emerges in Sikhottabong bomb incident
Groundbreaking information has emerged on the explosion which injured 10 people attending a wedding reception in Vientiane, after investigative police discovered crucial evidence. More >>>
- Lao, French medical students share experience and culture
Medical students from the University of Health Sciences in Laos and counterparts from French Universities met this week in Vientiane, aiming to share medical skills and their own country's culture. More >>>

July 24, 2014
- Woman jailed for smuggling drugs into prison
A women admitted in a Vientiane courtroom on Tuesday that she attempted to smuggle drugs into a prison by concealing them in food wrapped in banana leaves. More >>>
- Many districts still lack science teachers
Encouraging quality teachers to work in rural areas remains a challenge in many districts around the country, despite the fact teacher training colleges are turning out many graduates every year.More >>>
- NA members want tax law to promote domestic production
Goods items imposed to pay value-added tax were a focus of consideration among National Assembly (NA) members who would like to see more effective promotion of domestic production businesses. More >>>
- Nation's roads may escape landslide damage this year
The main roads nationwide this year may be free of landslide damage as there has been little torrential rain last month. More >>>

July 23, 2014
- Roundabout for dangerous 450 Year Road intersection
The Ministry of Public Works and Transport plans to install a roundabout on the 450 Year Road to reduce the number of accidents at the intersection. More >>>
Fatal head-on deadly reminder to slowdown
Traffic officials have urged motorists to slow down after a horrible road accident in Savannakhet last weekend which killed two people instantly and left three others seriously injured. More >>>
Laos, Thai universities cooperate in education sector
The National University of Laos (NUOL) and Mahasarakham University of Thailand co-signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to further joint education research and development of their master's curriculum. More >>>
ACIAR supports pest controls for eucalyptus plantations
The Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research's (ACIAR) Forestry Progamme is supporting research studies aiming to develop biological pest control measures for eucalyptus plantations in the Mekong region. More >>>

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Young people flock to the temples for Buddhist lent

- NA members raise concerns about development authorisations
- NA session opens with the economy a hot issue
- Australia pledges AU$86 million education aid for Laos
- Another MK82 found in Sangthong district
- Laos-Vietnam opens 8th international checkpoint
- PM backs Sengdeuane to be leading food farm
- Govt encourages constructive use of social media
- Experts make recommendations on city planning
- Laos marks Arbour Day with leaders, citizens planting trees
- Acting Vientiane Mayor, Propaganda Board Head announced to replace crash victims
- PM spells out urgent tasks for cabinet, officials
- Lao craftsmanship on exhibition at ITECC furniture fair
- Plane crash victims mourned at Vientiane cremations
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- Global markets end lower in a wobbly week
- EDL-Gen Friday surge buoys market liquidity
- Dodgy week ahead for gold
- EDL-Gen stock rallies in first day's opening trade
- Tuesday trades a slender improvement


Market access remains a major problem for local products

Market access has become a major problem in implementing the government policy on commercial production, according to a village chief in Vientiane.
More >>>


Folksinger fears for traditional music

Well known Lao folksinger, Bounkham Sitthideth, is worried about the future of traditional music in the country as he is finding it more difficult to secure a regular schedule of gigs and events to showcase his style of music.
More >>>


Young man cobbles together a future from concrete blocks
"Working hard is never a problem, I just want to be sure that there is work available for me during the school holidays so that I can earn a little....More >>>

World news

Cambodian parliament officially accepts opposition leader as lawmaker-elect PHNOM PENH (Xinhua) -- The National Assembly of Cambodia on Monday held an extraordinary session to officially confirm the validity of ...More >>>


What do you think the authorities should do about street drainage in Vientiane? Every wet season, drains in the capital have trouble coping with heavy downpours overflowing onto roads making it dangerous for motorists due to flooding. It also means the unsealed roads often become muddy and a major inconvenience for motorcyclists. More >>>


HAGL Attapeu FC wins Premier League 2014 The winner of the Lao Premier League 2014 was settled on Sunday when Hoang Anh Gia Lai Attapeu province FC drew with Saigon-Hanoi Commercial Stock Bank (SHB) Champassak ... More >>>


Buckle up and drive through mesmerising Laos
Travelling on the road from Vientiane through Xayaboury province to Luang Prabang province is a sight to see at the beginning of the rainy season, with many farming activities and greenery lining the way. . ..More >>>

Poverty Eradication

Farming helps remote family escape from poverty
People in remote areas nationwide have been farming for many centuries, growing rice and many kinds of vegetables for their personal consumption. . . . . . . . . More >>>

Arts & Culture

Buddhist lent: there is more merit in abstinence
From now until October 8, Khamsouk has promised himself that he will refrain from drinking any kinds of alcohol for the three months of Buddhist lent or Boun Khao Phansa , so from now on he will drink tea at social outings if his friends don't mind. . . . More >>>


Pharmacy owner helps fight against malaria Ms Khonesavanh Phouvongkonchanh runs a small pharmacy in Tatpo village, Pathoumphone district, Champassak province which has become the place to go for diagnosis and ... More >>>


Hepatitis: Think again
Little is known about Hepatitis or viral Hepatitis and the problems it causes. This is why the World Health Organisation (WHO) and partners would like to urge all policy makers, health workers and. . . More >>>


Country children's fighting fish hobby

While many kids in the city are busy stressing over mathematics or English holiday classes, kids living in rural areas are heading out to the ponds near their rice fields to capture and raise fighting fish. . .. . . .More >>>


Modern Lao homes do not consider the environment
Great big two or three storey concrete houses adorned with fancy designs such as eagles and lions dominate the streets of Vientiane as these houses are becoming common in the emerging middle class society. More >>>

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