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How can we check the quality of imported products?

Many imported products, such as fruits and vegetables, are widely sold in Vientiane markets. However, consumers are unsure whether these products are safe for their health and members of the public are now asking for inspections to make sure that they are eating or spending money on products free of chemicals.

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April 30 , 2013
- How can we boost living standards for workers in Laos?
Each year, people around the world mark International Labour Day on May 1. The Lao government also organises several important events to raise awareness about labour issues and recognise the efforts of the country's labourers. Several government officials and members of the public shared their opinions with Vientiane Times on the auspicious day. More >>>

April 27, 2013
- What do you think of students using ID cards to withdraw cash?
Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public (BCEL) is working with the education sector to help students with banking, and they can now use their identity cards to withdraw cash. More than 50,000 cards will be issued to students at universities throughout the country. More >>>

April 26, 2013
- How do we keep traffic signs standing?
It seems that a lot of traffic signs in Vientiane are damaged by careless motorists and many signs don't receive the appropriate maintenance. The Vientiane Times' reporters asked several members of the public about what we can do to protect our public property. More >>>

April 25, 2013
- Vientiane in need of a clean-up campaign
The Vientiane authorities need to take urgent action against people who use public roads for their own purposes and more often than not inconvenience other road users. More >>>

April 24, 2013
- How do you protect yourself against malaria?
World Malaria Day is recognised each year on April 25. The Vientiane Times asked members of the public what steps they take to guard against the disease. More >>>
- Mountain range holds hidden potential
The striking rocky outcrops that catch the eye of everyone driving along Road No. 13 North in Vientiane province have the potential for development as a notable tourist attraction if more facilities for visitors are provided. More >>>

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